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Astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson is Designing a Game

Astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson is helping to design a VR space game. The game will be called Neil DeGrasse Tyson Presents Space Odyssey. The...
By Donovan DeLand, Oct 12, 2016 | |
  1. Donovan DeLand
    Most people have heard the name of renowned astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson at some point. Maybe they know him for his groundbreaking research, maybe for his time as the host of "Cosmos" on Fox, but now he will be known for something nobody could have expected, helping to design a game. That's right Neil DeGrasse Tyson is taking a step into the world of game design with a game called "Neil DeGrasse Tyson presents Space Odyssey the Game" the title may not be catchy, but the game sounds promising. Which is made even more exciting when you learn that it is supposed to be able to act as a multiplayer (optional) VR (also optional) experience. While most people don't own VR headsets that may have something to do with the lack of decent games on the platform. Most of what you see consist of stationary shooters, but this game will be different. The point is not to shoot but to explore. A direct quote from the game's website states players will "Walk on Mars to explore its terrain firsthand or dive and swim through the hidden icy oceans of Europa to successfully complete immersive virtual reality gaming challenges, journeys and missions." I for one find this very interesting because who hasn't dreamed of walking on Mars or exploring space in general. While the VR aspect of this game is exciting it is far from the only selling point.

    In an interview with digitaltrends.com the game's co-creator Mark Murphy boasted that the game will have realistic physics and uses these physics to imagine the future of space travel. How can the accuracy be guaranteed you ask? By making sure Tyson was hands on with the game of course! Murphy stated later in that interview β€œHe's (Tyson has) helped create challenges in the game, and has challenged our creative team to entertain and inspire,He has also brought forward some incredible collaborators to our efforts, an incredible team of scientists, astronauts and explorers.” With all the scientific minds getting involved in this game this could be an interesting and rather educational experience! While most gamers know the horrors most educational games include this game promises to make things more interesting.

    Through in game challenges assigned by your "space adviser" Tyson himself, players will be able to earn tools and resources to help develop their own planets. That's right, I said develop planets, as this game will allow you create your own galaxies. You will also have the option to share your galaxy and view the galaxies of friends and celebrities such as Bill Nye or Tyson himself. In exploration as well as building Murphy claims the game will use "The Minecraft model." This model is being used because it allows players free reign. It gives them the the ability to experiment and explore as they please; to try and push the limits and see what they are capable of. This game implements several cool and interesting concepts, it allows players to freely explore and create cool new things. This game is all about showing people the truth behind science. That it isn't about what you find in a textbook, but what you find through your own curiosity. In short...
    Are you excited for Tyson's game? Are you as much of a science geek as I am? Feel free to start a discussion below! Also feel free to check out the games trailer!

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