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Blood Bowl 2 Legendary Edition Review

I got the chance to play Blood Bowl 2's massive expansion. Here are my thoughts.
By NeroTheHero, Sep 13, 2017 | |
  1. NeroTheHero

    High Fantasy Role Playing and American Football don’t naturally go together in the minds of most gamers and sports fans. That is until Blood Bowl was released back in 2009. Based on a board game of the same name, It seamlessly combined the two hobbies essentially forming a new genre. It’s amassed quite the following since it’s release as well. The sequel, Blood Bowl 2 has been available for PS4, XBOX One and PC for 2 years now and it’s gotten a considerable expansion to to give the fans more of what they want.

    Blood Bowl 2 Legendary Edition is more or less the definitive edition of Blood Bowl 2, it includes the official expansion as well as all previous DLC which adds depth with new races and features for players to dive into.


    The expansion adds the Eternal League which can be played both on and offline. It’s an endless mode where you compete in various tournaments and coach your team to victory...or defeat.. There is also a challenge mode to really test your skills against some stacked odds.


    You can now create a team comprised of players from multiple races as opposed to having a entire team made up of one of the races. The races added through the DLC include:






    Elven Union

    Underworld Denizens

    Kislev Circus (They have bears!)





    Wood Elves

    Chaos Dwarfs

    And the Necromantic


    You can even create a team of all star players, who are unique characters with special stats, moves and animations. Online players also now have access to more multiplayer features which will help to communicate with other players and set up leagues.

    There were very few things I found wrong with the game on a technical level. While playing against the AI, sometimes it would take a a bit for the “computer” to decide what it wanted to do during its turn, almost as if it was stuck. Also while I find the commentary entertaining during a match, it got to be a bit of a distraction during the tutorial stages of the game. I also had a few fps drops here and there, this isn’t a very demanding game and the system requirements are very low, I also have a pretty decent gaming PC, so I didn’t see any reason for this to occur. I also had the ball bug out on me once, but that was only once after several hours of play.


    I’m new to the series and I’ve invested a few hours into the game, and it’s very clear that I’ve only scratched the surface. I’ve never played a Warhammer game before and a few of the details alluded me at first, but I was able to get up to speed after playing some of the campaign and watching some replays of online matches on Cabal TV. The Legendary Edition is an expansion which will satisfy any Blood Bowl 2 fan. There’s enough new content to keep you busy for eons.
    I give this game an 8 out of 10. It’s clear that this game has loads of polish, and a lot of effort was put into developing the systems that run the game. There’s just a few kinks which I’m sure can be ironed out in a future patch. It’s a unique title which is great fun once you wrap your head around it, it just might not be for everyone. If you’re into turn based strategy, board games, high fantasy, and American Football, this is the game for you. If you prefer a bit more action in your games and prefer to have direct control as opposed to turn based tactics, you might want to give this one a pass.

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