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  1. Top Ten Impactful Deaths

    Death and video games most always go hand-in-hand, but it’s not always for the fun reasons. In immersive games, where you become obsessed about the world you find yourself in, the death of a character can hit home hard. Here is a list of my personal top 10 impactful deaths in video games.
  2. Are Video Games Art?

    Are video games art? This question has ate at people since video games were new. Today I aim to share my view on why video games are in fact art. Please note that as an editorial this is an OPINION if you have a different opinion that is perfectly fine, in fact I encourage you to share it with us. It is always important to hear every side of an argument to understand each other, so make sure your side is heard!
  3. Top 10 Casual Games That Leave A Big Impact

    From compelling narratives to beautiful artwork, casual games are getting better all the time. With their soaring popularity I picked ten of my favourite casual games that leave a big impact.
  4. Top 10 Beautiful Video Games

    Ten of the most beautiful video games ever made. Some of the most beautiful places from the comfort of home. Grab your controller and let's go!
  5. The Sequel Square - Duke Nukem

    The painful skeletons in the closet of Gearbox Studios are all coming out to bare now with Duke Nukem this week, and there are plenty of places for this 90s star to reincarnate.
  6. Top 10 Scariest Games of All Time

    Rounding up the top ten scariest games ever made in time for Halloween. Turn off the lights, grab a pair of headphones and play away!
  7. Pride in a Gaming addiction

    I am addicted to video games. There is no way around it I play video games even when I know I shouldn't, but I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing. A lot of gamers are addicted to video games. Regardless of how the traditional media tends to portray them video games are a good thing. I would even say they are one of the few addictive things in the world that can actually be beneficial to the people that claim to be addicted.
  8. The Story Square - Super Smash Brothers Melee Redemption

    This series aims to delight with weird little vignettes from my past that hopefully show how gaming can be a fun ol' time as well as an ice cold witch - or more frequently both.
  9. The Sequel Square - Alien: Isolation

    Last week we took a look at the action side of the Alien franchise, but this week we will slow down, really listen to the world around us, and pray that a certain unkillable monster doesn't hear us cowering.
  10. The Sequel Square - Aliens: Colonial Marines

    Years have passed, another, better Aliens game has come out, and the court cases have settled. Perhaps now is the time to go back to the lie-fueled fervor that was Aliens:Colonial Marines.
  11. A Look Back at the Wasted Potential of Powers Season Two

    The second season of Powers did...something...but may have squandered the show's best chance to impress, especially if the show continues to not find the devil in the details.
  12. The Sequel Square - Spec Ops: The Line

    Emerging from the cloud of White Phosphorous for another round is surely what this little gem from Yager should do because there's an untapped environment that could really use some military shooter action.
  13. The Sequel Square - Minecraft

    One of the largest game worlds ever made spawned one of the largest player bases in this world, so why not milk that a little more with a sequel that removes some former barriers?
  14. The Sequel Square - E3 2015

    Last year's E3 dropped like an atomic bomb last year, but the fallout was of the mostly nasty variety that left a lot of room for improvement. But hey, it's a new year!
  15. The Sequel Square - Blade

    Blade was one of the first, best examples of comic book action in movies and while the games sucked major neck vein, plenty of potential remains for a fun action title with cool sunglasses.