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  1. Featured

    Raid World War 2 Beta Video Preview

    A video preview of Raid World War 2 Beta from NeroTheHero
  2. Frostpunk - Debut Gameplay Trailer "heartbeats"

    Frostpunk is a game about survival, about doing what is right for your citizens while also ensuring their safety. What kind of ruler will you be?
  3. Blood Bowl 2 Legendary Edition Beta Preview

    Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition is slated to release in September of this year. It brings tons of new content to the turn based sports game based on the board game of the same name. NeroTheHero brings you a quick preview of some of the game play. Be sure to keep an eye out for a full review post release.
  4. Shoot And Save The World In Water: The World In Chaos

    A new game, aptly called WATER: The World in Chaos, hands you permission to drink all the water within an alien world that's full of environments to navigate and obstacles to sneak around.
  5. Oculus Title Pixel Ripped Takes You Back To School

    With the first legitimate wave of virtual reality devices will now come the games, and Pixel Ripped 1989 will allow you to live out a childhood fantasy: don't get caught playing games in class.
  6. Metal Gear Solid V Demo Shows Variation Within The Same Mission

    The ways that one can tackle a mission within Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain seem to just keep piling up as an alternate E3 demo presentation showcases with fist-rocket fury.
  7. Preview - Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

    Naughty Dog are set to blow our minds again with the next Nathan Drake adventure. The wildly anticipated Uncharted 4: A Thief's End uncovered and previewed.
  8. The Legend of Zelda Will Test the Limits of Wii U

    Beginning the climb to crescendo, Aunoma has come out to offer some comforting words in regards to the Wii U Legend of Zelda title scheduled for this year.
  9. A Spotlight on Orphan - Alone in a Fallen World

    Here is your introduction to Orphan: an up-and-coming title that wants to mix a bit of nostalgic inspirations with a modern, apocalyptic idea and a young, lonely boy.
  10. Massive Chalice: A Massive Undertaking

    Massive Chalice, a new turn-based epic from Double FIne, is in early access and looks to impress with a lineage aspect that adds an interesting wrinkle for the lengthy adventure.
  11. More Things You Probably Missed in Dark Souls II

    Dark Souls II's DLC gives more secrets and death to spare, but just in case you couldn't find every single one, here's your back-up. Also, other DLC details.
  12. Hyrule Warriors Roster So Far

    Nintendo and Tecmo Koei have steadily trickled out new characters for their upcoming Hyrule Warriors. Here's all of the good and bad faces to expect so far.
  13. Batman as Drawn by Kingdom Hearts Designer

    San Diego's Comic Conference opens its doors soon, and The Dark Knight will be showing up in a new suit that has some newly Eastern influences.
  14. Preview: Avenged Sevenfolds Hail To The King: Deathbat

    Avenged Sevenfold are already busy conquering the rock and metal world, but now they're trying their hand at game development with Hail To The King: Deathbat - a mobile game for fans of their music as well as fans of games such as Diablo and Zelda.
  15. Evolve and Conquer

    Left 4 Dead creators bring more battlefields to life with hunters versus natural and unnatural monsters with one viciously hunting to evolve and destroy the intruding team.