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  • Diablo 3 : Ultimate Evil Edition - Review

    The Diablo franchise has been around 18 years, and apart from expansions, it’s only in it’s third installment. With Diablo 3 hitting more systems than any previous title in the franchise, and Blizzard’s dedication to producing unmatched quality, it’s not surprising that we’re talking about Diablo 3 more than two years after initial release.
  • Terraria (Xbox One) - Review

    A review of the super 2D survival crafting title called Terraria on Xbox One. Sure to appeal to both fans of Minecraft as well as people who want something deeper.
  • Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Review

    TGS reviews the remake of the game that kicked off the cover shooter genre, as it gets an ultimate edition make-over on the Xbox One, nearly a decade after its ground-breaking release.
  • Destiny Review - Sound, Fury and Pretty Space

    Our Destiny review takes away the hype-filter and looks at the game that released to a hurricane of sales records last week, finding an average one at the core of several design misses.
  • Galak-Z Review | Out of This World For All The Wrong Reasons

    In Galak-Z, both stealth and skill are required to defeat truly intelligent enemies. You will be forced to outsmart enemies that think, react and cooperate like seasoned pilots! Master your ship’s unique controls as you blast enemies, unleash missiles, and even wrestle your opponents, mech-style, to their explosive end.
  1. Featured

    Jcb: Pioneer Mars - Early Access Review

    I came to gasping for air. In a daze, I looked around. My vision was still blurry, but it was still plain to see that my landing pod did not make it to it’s intended target. A quick scan revealed a potential life support system near by in the form of a vehicle… despite the rough landing it was quite the stroke of luck...
  2. Blood Bowl 2 Legendary Edition Review

    I got the chance to play Blood Bowl 2's massive expansion. Here are my thoughts.
  3. Team Racing League Review

    Team Racing League is a fun homage to classic top down arcade racers with a few unique twists such as special moves, co-op techniques, and multiplayer.
  4. Crossout Review

    Crossout is a PvP/ PvE MMO set in a post-apocalyptic future, where a viral epidemic has wiped out most of humanity. The survivors are forced to turn scraps into war-machines and fight other scavengers in order to ensure their survival. Customise your vehicle to your exact liking and take to a faced-paced 8v8 battleground and help your team win.
  5. Rocking Pilot | A Blast From The Past Built To Last

    Gungrounds bring you Rocking Pilots - a twin-stick shooter inspired by arcade classics. Shoot, blast, slice and mow down wave after wave of relentless enemies. This over the top arcade shooter will be sure to keep you entertained.
  6. Let It Die | A bizarro wonder

    Ascend the tower, fight off hoards of baddies and bosses, scavenge desperately for items and weapons, recover by eating shrooms... Let It Die is a wonderful light hearted controller smashing experience for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita players, for no cost other than the download time.
  7. Final Fantasy XV Review | Almost A Long Road Too Far

    The Final Fantasy XV Chocobo has finally entered into the station with all sorts of baggage, but this bird stays upright with killer combat and a story worth the wait.
  8. Beholder Review

    Beholder is an interesting game set in a dystopian society. You act as a building manager hired by the government to spy on your tenants. Your job as a spy is to make some intense moral decisions, do you do your job properly, or help out good people in a dark world?
  9. The Deadly Tower of Monsters Review

    The Tower Of Deadly Monsters is a satire of old 80's styled sci-fi movies, but falls short of leaving any other impression but that. The game is bland and repetitive, and would be better left in your game library.
  10. Transformers Devastation| Review

    Platinum Games succeed in delivering a fun, nostalgic, badass and faced paced experience in Transformers Devastation. Full of your old favourite characters and a slick combat system, Transformers Devastation is now free to download for PS Plus members on PS4.
  11. Oceanhorn Review | A Palatable Brunch

    In this cusp between dry and fruitful traditional gaming waves, Oceanhorn, from Cornerfox & Bros, has jumped ship to consoles, and makes the transition with enough gusto to make waves.
  12. Technomancer Review | More Machine Than Man

    Focus Interactive and Spiders (those behind Bound By Flame) have another kind of adventure for the public to morally weave through with The Technomancer. Unfortunately, this machine's wires are showing.
  13. Gravity Rush Review | A Pure Video Game Rush

    Assume mastery of the skies and surface with Kat in Gravity Rush, as you shift the world to your play thing. This PS4 remastering of the 2012 Vita classic takes you on a mysterious ride, with some forgettable fights, but an unforgettable experience.
  14. Broforce Review | It's Bro Time!

    In a world that is utterly far-fetched and over exaggerated, you take command of the Broforce. Your mission: Liberate the sh*t out of… well… everyone!
  15. Table Top Racing: World Tour Review | Racing Games That Make You Board

    Table Top Racing: World Tour was a game that graced our list of monthly free games from PS Plus, but it failed to grace our excitement. A game that goes stale faster than bread, TTR just runs out of party tricks too soon.