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Crossout Review

Crossout is a PvP/ PvE MMO set in a post-apocalyptic future, where a viral epidemic has wiped out most of humanity. The survivors are forced to...
  1. Aidan O'Sullivan
    Crossout is a free to play game set in a post-apocalyptic world from Targem Games and Gaijin Entertainment. Much like World Of Tanks, players control modded war vehicles across rustic and barren wildernesses in PvP or PvE combat.

    The main selling point to Crossout is in its customisation. The game gives you full control of how you build your car, right down to the smallest part. You begin with the basic starter car, but you can quickly upgrade using the spoils of war or through parts you can pick up on the open market place, where you trade and buy parts off other players.

    The online battle system is fairly simple. 8v8 matches which are best two out of three. Teams have the option of capturing the opposition base or simply eliminating the whole team. Effectively 100% of the time the result is the later. In these matches you have one life to wreak havoc, and if you die you sit it out till the next round.

    The game has missions and daily quests that the player must perform in battle in order to gain extra experience, rewards and a reputation.


    The games are very fast paced, and the rounds don’t take very long, so the matches are often hectic. What adds to this is the controls. In a game where coordination is key, steering the car is quite tricky. Sensitivity and steering feel way too sharp and you often find yourself skidding out of control. You spend a lot of time moving your camera around following other cars, and this messes up your control as a slight push of the analog makes you break a 90 degree turn into a wall you don’t see.

    A good way to prevent yourself from having steering issues is to have your wheels blown off! One of the best things about Crossout’s combat is that you do damage to each individual part the other player meticulously selected, and slowly reduce their car to an unmovable heap. These poor souls get quickly surrounded by opposition players desperately gunning for the kill shot. Sometimes your turrets get blown off and you’ve no other options but to ram a car into a wall and trap it so teammates can come in and sweep up. Cars that somehow manage to get flipped onto their backs are doomed until a teammate comes over to help them.

    Guns on the car can overheat, and unfortunately they don’t take long to do so. You need to be very careful with how you shoot. This can be pretty frustrating when you realise that the guns have a much slower turn rate than your car, and your line of fire doesn’t synch up with your aim assist - so you end up shooting at nothing, then have to cool down as soon as it catches up.

    You have a full diverse range of weapons to put onto your vehicle, and you can mix and match these as you see fit. They will, however, all shoot at the same time (in their respective rate of fires for sniper rifles, shotguns and fully/ semi automatic). There is only one button to fire, and unlike most games involving vehicle weaponry you cannot switch between them. You can also add some spikes to the front of your car which would do some damage.


    Crossout’s biggest weaknesses are its story, which is completely unexplored, and its shallow pool of diverse missions. I only learned about the plot from reading the game’s website, as the game itself provides no story development. Set in 2021, a disease went viral which killed millions and drove the survivors mad. Now those who live roam the wasteland looking for scraps to survive, and we’re left with this Mad Max lifestyle.

    This much is gathered from the trailers, and the games opening, but after looking into it a bit more I found that there was alien involvement in human evolution, genetically-enhanced super-soldiers, and a multi-dimensional universe. In my entire time playing the game, there was no mention of this, which really makes you disappointed that a whole plot twist and storyline are absent from the game.

    The missions themselves offer little variety for players, and focus more about the combat and rewards than the plot. There is also a raid mode, which are PvE games where four players team up to capture dropped cargo, destroy towers, or fight against boss vehicles and their minions. The lack of story progression makes it feel like you’re simply doing everything over and over again, and it wears thin quick.

    As a whole, while enjoyable, Crossout falls short of being a really good game. The 100% freedom and creativity in the workshop and in building whatever car you want does well to carry the game, and the faced paced combat doesn't let the countless hours spent in the workshop go to waste. However, the absence of its well thought out plot, lack of diversity and some handling issues leave it a little bit wanting.

    However, when you look at Crossout for what it is, a free to play game, its worth picking up if you're a gear head.

    Rating : 1

    You'll like if...

    • You're looking for some mindless carnage.
    • You like a good workshop where you can build whatever you want.
    • You enjoyed World of Tanks.
    You won't like if...
    • You require a more intellectual stimulation, or a game with a captivating plot.
    • If you want a game with multiple game modes which make a difference in gameplay

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