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Diablo 3 : Ultimate Evil Edition - Review

The Diablo franchise has been around 18 years, and apart from expansions, it’s only in it’s third installment. With Diablo 3 hitting more systems...
By MrLeighW, May 2, 2015 | |
  1. MrLeighW
    The Diablo franchise has been around 18 years, and apart from expansions, it’s only in it’s third installment. With Diablo 3 hitting more systems than any previous title in the franchise, and Blizzard’s dedication to producing unmatched quality, it’s not surprising that we’re talking about Diablo 3 more than two years after it’s initial release.

    Modern-day gaming often brings us games that could have done with a little more development time, and Diablo 3 is a prime example. Not until the Reaper of Souls expansion where most of the initial problems resolved.


    But after numerous patches and the loot-defining expansion, Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition is one of the most complete titles you’ll lay your hands on.

    Bringing all of the above to next-gen consoles at a budget price with visuals that match a PC’s highest setting and run perfectly smooth at 1080p, Diablo 3: The Ultimate Evil Edition is much more than the common next-gen remake.
    After making your choice from a roster of 6 classes, which includes the new Crusader, you’ll begin your adventure. After running a few errands and searching for the fallen star, you’ll soon hit the end of the first act and the game's dark storyline will take over completely.


    As with most RPG titles, the first hour or two is least friendly. You’re getting used to your character and new moves are opening up. As you approach level 20-30 you’ll have a wealthy selection of skills to choose from, all of which are capable of making easy work of the majority of foes.

    Each class has a wide selection of skills, both passive as well as triggered through a button press, that lends itself well to console controls and makes throwing out your wildest spells and powers as simple as a slash of a sword. As you expect from a Diablo title, balancing these powers with buffs from your weapons and armour to try and keep your abilities effective is key. It all works incredibly well with the chance of a legendary loot drop keeping you playing far past the initial campaign.


    Taking into account that some of the difficulty levels don’t even open up until you’ve reached level 60, there’s plenty of ground still to tread through experimenting with the higher difficulties for higher XP and loot.

    But for people that have already experienced Diablo 3 on one format or another, there is really only the Reaper of Souls expansion as far as new content. The main benefit here is how well the game runs and the fact that all the patches and improvements made over the last few years are all in place for a seamless and superior outing.

    If you’re lucky enough to have a super powered PC, Diablo 3 and Reaper of Souls: move along, nothing to see here.


    But for those who had Diablo 3 on PlayStation 3 and are looking to upgrade, the graphical boost is massive. All those dark grungy areas from before are clear, sharp and full of atmosphere. Think the PC’s highest settings with a slightly better camera angle and running perfectly smooth. Tests have shown there’s the odd frame rate drop on Xbox One and some colours slightly out of place on PS4 (a slightly cooler tint compared to the PC & Xbox’s warmer shades in a few areas). No matter which console you have, the Ultimate Evil Edition is near-perfect visually and you’ll struggle to pick fault in any way.


    If you’re a RPG fan and haven’t got a high-powered PC, then it’s fantastic. If you don’t usually like this style of game, it’s well worth a try regardless.
    The only way you should consider missing out on Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition is if you have it on a high powered PC already.


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