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EA Conference Recap From E3

In case you didn't catch EA's conference at E3 this year, check out the summary here to see what kind of gaming adventures await their massive fan...
By Myles, Jun 10, 2014 | |
  1. Myles
    Electronic Arts brings a mix of updated, established franchises and new ideas to E3 yearly, and this year is no different. Below is a short recap for each of the properties that EA presented to the world during their conference.

    Star Wars Battlefront 3 Glimpse

    Intended to calm the ruffled feathers of many an anxious gamer, this was a show of extremely early footage that gave very few details beyond the fact the DICE likes Star Wars. Still, EA shows faith in the franchise putting it first, and a little reassurance isn't all bad. Neither is the promise of more details coming next spring on this long-awaited title.

    Dragon Age: Inquisition "Concert"

    With a new trailer playing in the background, one of the hundreds of instrumentalists that worked on the chosen song was wheeled out to play, and play well she did. What did that add to the presentation? Not much, but the footage revealed different locations, creatures, and characters that all looked mighty fine on the big screen. After a cringing "feels" moment, actual gameplay is shown against a High Dragon; combat seems to be balanced around quick reactions between you and your party members while the option of the tactical camera gives the player a chance to breathe and study the battlefield. With an impending release of October 7th, players will be able to experience this stories chapter soon.


    Mass Effect is Aliveeeee!!

    Bioware, walking the line between touting Inquisition and hyping Mass Effect, reveals that the new series is both different and within the same universe as Commander Shepard's tale. Other than some conceptual art and pre-rendered environments, there are a lot of adjectives. Also, there is a reveal that an original IP is under development by a separate part of Bioware, to which more pre-rendered concepts and adjectives are given.

    The Sims 4 Demonstration

    The game with probably the most accompanying details, EA gave a continuous show of how one event within this new entry can effect your built, "feeling" character. Despite the plethora of gameplay, no release date was shown, which is odd given that this game seems fairly far along. Alas, The Sims remain The Sims.

    Bruce Lee Posthumously a UFC Fighter

    UFC's oncoming property of general digital sweatiness is brought along by a Bruce Lee speech, which brought a match between him and another UFC fighter from the game. Fun fact: Bruce Lee was apparently "no slouch" with his ground game when he was alive. The match ends with Bruce kicking the other guy's head for the victory, seguing to a release date of June 17th of this year for the title.


    Sports of All Sorts

    NHL, PGA, Madden, some form of racing across various vehicles; EA's yearly showcase of sports follows the script well with "almost everything" changing in NHL, the unnamed first-person racing project from Criterion showing pieces but not much else, PGA Tour attempting to ape Mario Golf, and then, there's Madden 15. Again, the rendered trailer looks super fine and the focus of the year is a better sense of control on defense. What looks to have changed is added control of the defensive line, but how that translates to an already jaded Madden audience will have to be seen this August.

    For some reason, EA decided to have FIFA 15 be a separate, individual presentation after two more game reveals, and since a lot of these points are the same as with Madden, it's understandable. FIFA is described as a game of "feeling", supposedly putting the player into the game to the point of feeling the shirt tugs and scraped turf. Almost no gameplay is mentioned, so FIFA players should expect more of the same this fall.

    Dawngate MOBA Revealed

    EA's foray into Battle Arena games builds into what's labeled as a meta-game that is, by the marketing video shown, only a game for people that consider themselves nerds and hardcore MOBA players. There doesn't seem to be a tremendous difference between this and any other MOBA other than it being made by EA.

    Mirror's Edge 2 Tantalizes


    After several Faith double-meanings send sighs through the room, the protagonist from Mirror's Edge is shown in development and already beating up hapless guards with a variety of new, acrobatic moves. Ease of movement and minimal barriers seem to be the focus of the dev team, as is the effort to bring Faith back to life through story and a sense of meaning after this extended gaming absence.

    Battlefield Bombshell

    Battlefield Hardline, on top of a look at the new cops-and-robbers gameplay concept, opened it's beta Sega Saturn style. Not only that, but Battlefield 4 and Playstation 4 users received open invitations immediately to test the game, giving the rich a reason to get richer. Meanwhile, the gameplay seemed to have the same bones within an downtown structure, and reminded a bit of Payday 2. Hopefully, this is just a taste of more Battlefield to come. Check out the trailer below.

    That was all EA brought to the show this year. What did you think of their line-up? Which game(s) are you excited for?

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