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Frostpunk - Debut Gameplay Trailer "heartbeats"

Frostpunk is a game about survival, about doing what is right for your citizens while also ensuring their safety. What kind of ruler will you be?
  1. GregoryBigSauce
    "Frostpunk is a city-survival game in which heat means life, and every decision comes with a cost. Living among the frozen remnants of Earth, it is up to you to shape society, establishing the laws and customs to ensure survival."


    With an opening line like that, it's sure to grab the attention of more than a few people. Frostpunk is being developed & published by the guys who were responsible for This War of Mine and the Anomalyseries (This War of Mine is a personal favourite), 11 Bit Studios. In Frostpunk the player will be in charge of making vital decisions, such as signing for food additives, deciding whether or not to outlaw child labour, ensuring there is enough heat for the citizens to survive with, and also ensuring that there are enough buildings for said citizens to live in. Aside from this, players will need to explore beyond their own little town in order to find the necessary materials to survive the cold.


    Those of you looking to get a hands-on with the game, who are also going to PAX West, you're in luck. For the first time, Frostpunk will be available at booth #133, level 4, at Pax West. Official release date is to be announced. You can find their social links below.

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    Frostpunk (@frostpunkgame) | Twitter

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