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More Things You Probably Missed in Dark Souls II

Dark Souls II's DLC gives more secrets and death to spare, but just in case you couldn't find every single one, here's your back-up. Also, other...
By Myles, Aug 1, 2014 | |
  1. Myles
    In a previous article we told you about the in-game, magical DLC countdown. As it turns out, Dark Souls 2 is a game that has plenty of hidden nooks and crannies, and while most of which can be found on the internet with a little digging, there are a few that very few people have experienced thus far. In a build-up for the next DLC offering later this month, let's take a look at some uncommon secrets from Drangleic.

    Challenge Route

    Everyone that plays Dark Souls 2 immediately says "this game should be more difficult", so, this is for all of you. To access the challenge route within this first DLC, though, there are a few steps to take.

    At the end of the first area, you cross a bridge and go into several opening doors. In that first room of Dragon's Sanctum, the door on the left is locked, and you'll have to go through this area to find the key. Along your way, you'll see an evil arena with ghosts and spikes on the floor. From that entrance, sprint ahead, take a sharp right then left to a similar area, go up a ladder, across a catwalk, right to another catwalk and stairwell, and you have arrived in a strange tomb. The key is in here, but it's suggested that you shatter the tomb bodies, making the ghosts tangible, and kill them first.

    Then, just return to that door and follow the path across. Make sure to grab the bonfire before the Cave of the Dead eats you alive.


    The Sunken Crown Lore

    Anyone that says Dark Souls 2 is light on story hasn't checked their inventory in a while. Story is delivered in an indirect way where items such as souls, weapons, or story items, reveal huge sections of plot and shed light on connections throughout the world. Checking the description of the Sunken King's Crown adds another layer to that story, literally. Without spoilers, you're not quite in Drangleic anymore. Also, it should be clarified that the Sunken King is not the Drangleic King Vendrick, which leads to....

    The Memory of King Vendrick

    Remember that wandering Undead, King Vendrick? Go back to his chamber with the Ashen Mist after downloading the DLC, kill him or whatever, but then look at his armor on the ground. Don't remember it shinning before? You can now go into his armor and speak to the King before his dilapidated state. This might be the most significant addition to Dark Souls 2 in that you will be able to finally speak to the Fallen King: a main pillar of the entire Drangleic tale. Going into the memory with the Sunken King's Crown unlocks more dialogue, but what's inferred is that this will be a place to visit after each DLC, the crowns seeming to awaken something else within King Vendrick's shattering mind. Could this be related to the "bonus" From Software promise to the people that download all three DLC packs?


    The Other DLCs

    Here's everything made public about the other branches of DLCs: their titles will be the Crown of the Old Iron King and the Crown of the Ivory King respectively. The Old Iron King is probably a reference to the Iron Keep and one of Four Great Souls that can be found there while the Ivory King is rumored to be related to Aldia, Vendrick's estranged scientist brother. The previously unused Shrine of Winter will probably serve as the entrance to the Ivory King DLC, which comes out September 24th, while the Old Iron King entry, coming August 26th, still has an unknown entrance.

    There's your crash course on secrets within Dark Souls 2, but there are still plenty more to find on your own. Have you played the DLC yet?

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