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Star Citizen - An Overview Of The Gamescom Presentation

Today I'll be overviewing the Gamescom 2017 presentation of Star Citizen and it's various new features. These features include a new "smart phone...
By GregoryBigSauce, Sep 2, 2017 | |
  1. GregoryBigSauce
    Recently there was a presentation done by the development team of Star Citizen, Cloud Imperium Games Corporation (or CIG for short, you're welcome) and it was a very long, very exciting presentation for someone who has been following the project ever since its kickstarter got funded. They had a $500,000 goal, and basically doubled that, closing the project with a whopping $2,134,374.

    Now, for those of you that are unfamiliar with the project, you might be asking yourself what Star Citizenis. Well, thankfully I'm here to answer said question. Star Citizen is a space/planetary-exploration game that has gameplay quite similar to another game called Elite: Dangerous, though they're quite different from each other. Star Citizen is a game where the player is entirely themselves. You can choose to be a bounty hunter, a trader, an explorer, just about anything you can put your mind to that involves space you can do in Star Citizen. Space Piracy is my favourite. There is also a fantastic economy system in the game where it's up to the players whether goods will be expensive or cheap by doing certain actions in the game's persistent world. For example, if you create a blockade where traders normally transport goods then you'll cause the economy to shift, causing goods to be more expensive. The combat in its self is worthy of an entire article, so I'll keep it short and sweet; it's a very nice mixture of zero-g (in some cases) and first-person shooting.


    Now, on to the actual Gamescom presentation and what it showed. The presentation showed Star CitizenAlpha 3.0 and its various features such as the new mobiGlas, or the "smart phone of the future" as Chris Roberts would say, and it makes sense because players will be using this for a lot of different things. It has all different apps that the player can use to dress themselves, view their health and oxygen levels, etc. The presentation starts by spawning the player in bare clothing on a planet named Delimar to showcase that clothing is no longer modular. What this means is that you can now attach different leg pieces from different item sets to your set. It adds a level of customization that is fairly vital in MMOs. It also seems that in this new mobiGlas you will now be able to repair parts of your ship or suit directly from the interface itself. Aside from where the player spawns, it also shows what seems to be a social center for NPCs, where NPCs are walking about, doing their own thing. What this is showcasing is their brand new animations for both the player and NPCs (cool little side note relating to animations: players will now be able to control their walk speed with the mouse scroll wheel, which allows for a natural movement throughout areas).

    Another thing they present is taking a mission (or quest if you'd rather) from a character named Miles Eckhart. Right after this they show off the brand new face and voice over IP, this means that when you talk through your microphone your players mouth will move in accordance to what you're saying, and if you've got a webcam you'll be able to make faces that will be put directly onto the characters face. This is a brilliant idea that CIG kept quite quiet from the public. Players will also be able to basically FaceTime other players in-game with their new mobiGlas. You can now call up your buddy who's maybe in a different ship or something and wherever your mobiGlas is it will track your characters face and that'll directly correlate over the mobiGlas.


    If you're sick of hearing me talk (or rather write) about characters, then don't you worry! This next paragraph is dedicated to the trades of Space Citizen. There are now new shops in 3.0 where players will be able to purchase new gear with their mobiGlas. However if you're someone who's more into interacting with the actual object rather than a screen, then don't worry, you can certainly do that as well.

    They've also improved the visuals of space, as they showcase going into the atmosphere of the planet Delimar. Aside from this, they also showcase the new gun animations coming in 3.0, which is exciting, inside of what seems to be a crashed ship. When they get out they're greeted by a nice surprise. A gigantic ship, called the Idris, lands with actual people who pilot said ship. The showcasing team then proceeds to drive the vehicle they're driving onto the ship. Doesn't really work though, they blow up and die. They also showcase space combat between fighter jets but also between two capital ships, which is insanely cool to watch.


    These were my personal highlights from the Gamescom presentation of Star Citizen but I'm sure I've missed a lot of tiny things. If you would like to watch the 2 and a half hour long presentation for yourself to get your own opinions, then feel free to do so below.

    Thank you so much for reading, hope you've enjoyed this overview of Alpha 3.0 of Star Citizen. And, a little side note, I apologize if you've read through every part of this article. It's long, I know.

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