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Talking Sweet With Candyevie

If your sweet tooth also has a taste for Shiny Pokemon, modded playthroughs, and a level of Poke-fanaticism strong enough to build a whole Youtube...
By Myles, Mar 20, 2016 | |
  1. Myles
    The Pokemon empire is ever expanding and still entertaining enough to build entire Youtube channels off of the expeditions of trainers and befriended animals alike. Lucy - a.k.a. CandyEvie - has herself one of those Pokemon channels that she's built from the ground up on the back of 20 years of Poke-history that she loves through and through. Read on to see some of her approaches to the trade, how deeply Pokemon runs in her veins, and how fun it was to play a modded version of FireRed that couldn't have been more perfect for her to play.

    1. Hey CandyEvie. Where'd you get such a sweet name?

    Well, there's a story behind that. I was originally very apprehensive to use my real name on YouTube, so I decided to use an abbreviation of a name that I liked, which was Evelyn. That's the Evie part. I wanted my channel to be named 'SweetieEvie', but I did this back when your username had to be completely unique to your channel, and SweetieEvie was already taken. So, I decided to go with CandyEvie instead, and it's stuck since then.

    2. In a recent tribute video to this year's Pokemon anniversary, you mentioned how Pokemon Y and X basically started your YouTube channel. How did that desire come about? Were you just running into rare Pokemon and decided to share that experience with the internet?

    Well, I'd actually been shiny hunting for quite some time before starting my channel. When looking at videos made by people with this same hobby as me, I realized that there was actually an entire community of shiny hunters. I spent about a year or so simply watching videos that other people had uploaded. Seeing so many people united by such an obscure hobby made me want to join in. I started uploading videos in an attempt to be a part of the community and make friends with people. I made a lot of amazing friends by doing so I'm very happy that I did.

    3. This is the 20th year of Pokemon, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down at all. Even this year is full of all sorts of Poke-extras including the originals finally being re-released in their former glory, plus now Moon and Sun coming this fall. What are you excited for most with this anniversary - remembering the past or seeing what Nintendo and Game Freak have in store for the future?

    Well, while I love looking back on the older games for nostalgia, I'm definitely more excited for the new releases. Seeing as at this point in time we know so little about Pokemon Sun and Moon, there really are an endless amount of possibilities. It's really exciting being able to speculate about what amazing new features these games may introduce. I do think that the generation one games becoming available on the eshop is exciting though. It's been confirmed that Pokemon caught in the those games can be transferred to Pokemon Sun and Moon when they too are released - so that opens up even more possibilities.

    4. When your channel started a few years ago, you were basically showing off the process of the hunt for Shiny Pokemon in various titles like SoulSilver, X and Y. What made you change that formula to include playthroughs of hacked Pokemon games?

    It was always just for a bit of fun! I'd played games traditionally from the beginning, so even using an emulator was completely new to me. I just thought it would be fun to change it up a little, and it worked out better than I could have imagined. While I do still include Shiny Pokemon videos on my channel, they aren't the main focus anymore. I like to leave my options open so that I can always try something new.

    5. While we're on the subject, how perfect was it for you, given your name and approach to Pokemon gaming, to get to play the Sweet Version of FireRed?

    At the time I thought it was so ironic! It was just so fitting for my very first Let's Play. Pokemon Sweet Version is a hack of Pokemon FireRed, where everything is dessert themed. Everything about it just so fun, and well, sweet! I would definitely recommend it. It was a great way for me to enter the Let's Play scene, with the theme of the game matching the theme of my channel perfectly.

    6. You are a self-proclaimed multimedia Poke-fanatic with love for the old show and card game (collecting them at least) on top of love for the side-titles such as the Mystery Dungeon and Ranger series. Can you pinpoint what exactly it is about Pokemon that just sucks you in so completely?

    To be honest, I wouldn't really say that there are any parts of Pokemon that I don't like. Pokemon is so popular simply because it's just done such an amazing job with each section. Another reason would be because the possibilities for the future are endless - the games can do so well because they are able to take advantage of the same basic formula each time, but each game still feels new and different from the last. But if I had to pinpoint one area - it would probably be the collecting aspect of the game. I was very much into collecting bugs as a small child, so it's no surprise that I would enjoy such a similar concept. That's why my favourite type is Bug! I've been a Pokemon fan since I was young, and I'm sure I will continue to be one for a long time to come.

    7. For a 3DS user is there a certain type of hardware required to record the 3DS? If so what one do you use or recommend for those looking to capture their favourite Pokemon battles?

    For 3DS capture hardware, there are different manufactures. I would personally recommend Nintendo 3DS Capture Board. There has however been somewhat of a shortage of 3DS capture boards in the past year, so I've got through this by instead using a DS capture board, which also allows me to capture footage from GBA games too, unlike a 3DS. Being able to use my own footage in videos is incredibly convenient, so I would definitely recommend a capture card
    to any aspiring Pokemon YouTuber.

    8. In a recent video you spoke about having confidence issues when putting yourself on camera but you still manage to muster up the courage to do it. Is there any advice you give to those Youtubers struggling to get themselves on a camera due to lacking self confidence?

    All I can really say is that it gets easier with time. I do still struggle when making videos showing my face, but it's a little easier than it was at the beginning. Having the support of the people around me makes me feel a lot better about it too. The response I get when I make videos where I put myself in front of a camera is overwhelmingly positive, so I'm extremely grateful for that. Without the support of other people I don't think I ever would have been brave enough to show my face as much as I do. Any advice that I would give to others would be to use a webcam while live streaming if possible. Live streams are extremely casual so it'll make you feel much more at ease in front of a camera when it actually comes to recording a video.

    9. You recently asked via Twitter for some graphical work to be done for you channel. How important do you think it is to have good quality images to promote the videos and channel?

    Channel aesthetics are extremely important. For example, the thumbnail of a video is arguably one the most important parts of the entire video - it's what draws people in. Not only is it a good idea to have them of a certain standard, but you have to have the rights for everything you use. While a lot of the images you can find online are superb, that doesn't mean that they can just be used. This includes everything from fonts to backgrounds. You need permission for everything - it's just not worth the risk. I started YouTube with little to no experience with aesthetics, so even now I'm still learning as I go along. If you want high quality images that are unique to your channel, then it's always a good idea to commission an artist for this. I've done this a few times and I've always been very pleased with the results. Making graphics yourself is also a lot of fun, so I'm eager to improve my skills.

    Catch her with a Great Ball on her channel or on Twitter and tell her all about your own Poke-love.

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