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Where's the Xbox One Push?

Xbox One, despite a strong opening, is falling short of competitor Sony and recovering Nintendo. Post E3, there are still a lot of questions...
By Myles, Jul 3, 2014 | |
  1. Myles
    With the showcase of electronic glee over by a few weeks, a lot of the post-show hype has drifted off towards 2015 with the majority of announced games. That allows a proper pulse of systems, titles, and gaming as a whole to show through. Sony, E3 complaints aside, are steadily pumping out indie and mid-level titles for the summer and holding their strategy at about third gear. Nintendo, a lot of people's pick for best presentation of show, is coming to life behind the Mario Kart sales and Smash Brothers hype. But the third console publisher, multi-billion dollar company Microsoft, is...where?

    To be fair, this time of yearly dry spell hits every console as November and October paychecks will just be cashed in the electronics department, and Xbox One has almost caught the Wii U in sales within the first year. That being said, people have positives with the Wii U that no other system has while a lot of Xbox One's perks can be found on Playstation 4. So, the question becomes what's left to make people want to buy Xbox over Playstation or Nintendo?

    Some made the argument that Kinect 2.0 was that device, but Microsoft had to cut that umbilical cord to bring a level playing field with Sony. That means that only now, after over a year of reverse decisions, Xbox One finally can get out of damage control mode and focus forward. This gives coming software the job of elevating Xbox to more living rooms. Problems arise here as well; taking away multi-platform giants such as Far Cry 4, Assassin's Creed Unity, and Battlefield Hardline, you're not looking at a stellar line-up of Xbox One originals.


    Sunset Overdrive is an unknown quantity, but one with potential to bring some of the shooter crowd over the mendoza line with a fresh take on the genre. Classic shooter fans have Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's DLC in a timed window, possibly bringing over quite the crowd of midnight launch DLC hoarders to the Xbox brand. Master Chief, Xbox's only iconic character, is bringing his past into one collection with The Master Chief Collection, which is sure to rile some old memories of local multi-player while offering a promise of Halo 5. Add in some indie games and sudden releases and you have Xbox One's fall line-up.

    A next fall shoe-in, Halo 5, seems to be the only original title poised to move plenty of hardware units, but we've seen how a barren present leads to problems down the line and that kind of heavy lifting is something not even Mario can do alone.


    Xbox One is not failing, Microsoft is not dying, and neither needs saving from a 4.5 million-plus hardware sales opening year but their goal isn't to be fine or surviving. Their machine was marketed as the number one place for entertainment of all kinds and while that aim has detoured and cut a few stragglers, their goal to out sell every other system available remains. With this current view of games,the lack of system-defining features packed into the box, and a credible lifeline such as Nintendo's nostalgic well or Sony's positive image, that may prove difficult to achieve.

    How do you feel about Xbox One's game offerings? Let us know in the comments section.

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