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Call Of Duty ww2

Discussion in 'Game Lounge' started by FuryBlade, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. FuryBlade

    FuryBlade Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    What do you guys think about the game?
    I like it, I think its the best cod for a few years.

    What do you Think?
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  2. whippersnapper

    whippersnapper Noob TGS Newbie

    Is it worth $60 American dollaroos? I have yet to buy it because I've been let down with the past few CoDs and what they did to MWR with weapon supply drops hurt me.

    I might just wait until it's on sale or something.
  3. FuryBlade

    FuryBlade Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Well they have yet to put weapons in supply drops as of yet but rumours are they will be doing so in the future

    So maybe wait tilk after Christmas to see if they have added them or not
  4. Kevin

    Kevin MCPH Support, YouTuber, PR Manager TGS Gamer

    I certainly think Call of Duty WWII is a great Call of Duty entry. It feels like a Call of Duty.
    The gamemodes such as War and Gridiron Ball are extremely fun to play as I'm generally a Search and Destroy only type of player.

    I do feel like there is a lack of weapons, but I'm only level 25 so far and I simply can't say anything bad about the weapons until I've tried all of them, which I haven't yet.

    Zombies is a ton of fun. The guns are really neat and the layout of the first zombies map is fun.
    This gives me hope for the future and I may very well end up getting future DLC for more zombies maps and multiplayer maps.

    The campaign has gone untouched so far on my end. I've been really into multiplayer and zombies, but I'll make an effort to edit this post if I ever do get involved in the campaign.

    Extra opinions:
    - I've seen reports that the game does not look very good, but I'm using an Xbox One S and the quality looks damn near perfect with these eyes.
    - The emotes you can use at the headquarters and at the end of a match if you're in top 3 is also pretty fun. I just hope no dabs are added >_>
    - On top of all that, you can create custom icons just like the last entries.

    Overall, if I had to rate it out of 10 I'd probably give the multiplayer/zombies portion of the game an 8-9/10 in terms of a Call of Duty entry into the franchise, granted, I haven't touched the campaign yet.

    If you're skeptical still, I would recommend waiting for a sale, although, I honestly feel like I'm getting my 60$ worth from this game each day I hop on and play it as I'm enjoying it a lot.
  5. pottymouth

    pottymouth TGS Stalker TGS Member

    definitely not a 8/9 at the moment until they sort the servers out, its using p2p at the moment which is resulting in exrememly laggy games, for me at the moment its completely unplayable
  6. Creaky

    Creaky TGS Fan TGS Newbie

    It's a hundred times better than the previous versions, it actually feels like a COD game now.
  7. Kevin

    Kevin MCPH Support, YouTuber, PR Manager TGS Gamer

    From what I could find, it looks like Dedicated Servers are coming soon.

    P2P hasn't been bad for me, but hopefully, the game will be playable for you then.
  8. pottymouth

    pottymouth TGS Stalker TGS Member

    yes I believe they are now live again in America but not for us Europeans yet
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  9. Demetrius GRaham

    Demetrius GRaham TGS Friendly TGS Member

    Oh it's definitely way better than infinite warfare in almost every way. I liked black ops 3 but for what WW2 is trying to accomplish I think it's really good.
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