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content creation

Discussion in 'YouTube Discussion' started by pottymouth, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. pottymouth

    pottymouth TGS Stalker TGS Member

    so I make destiny 2 and paladins content and when it comes out Battlefront 2 but at the moment I'm just not happy with what I'm recording (I'm playing really bad) I don't know whether I should take a step back for a few days and just stop being such a try hard or try to make something comedic out of it. what do you guys think?
  2. Foxandwolfplays

    Foxandwolfplays TGS Friendly TGS Member

    Depends what you are inclined to do, Potty. If you think taking a break will let you make better content, sure. If you think making comedic videos out of your failure is a good opportunity, go ahead. Both are wins in my book.
  3. LetemcomeInit

    LetemcomeInit TGS Stalker TGS Casual

    Sometimes a change is as good as a break, maybe just run the series down to an episode every now and again rather than stop it altogether try a different series and come back to it once you start to feel it's on track again. I was going to stop LP series on my channel to focus on the series that bring in the larger audience but a few people came back to me and wanted to see some more games played suggesting their choices. Just shows that sometimes when you close something off there may be an audience for it watching.

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