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YouTube Feedback on my channel DanteofGagamor?

Discussion in 'Channel Promotion & Feedback' started by DanteofGagamor, Mar 10, 2017.

  1. DanteofGagamor

    DanteofGagamor Noob TGS Newbie

    Hello everyone! I am posting a thread to get some feedback on my channel. I am looking for ways to get more subscribers and to improve the quality of my videos. I have been stuck around 130 subs for some time now and I would like to get to 200 before March 31 (my birthday). Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

    Channel name: DanteofGagamor
    How long have you been on youtube?: about 1 year with this channel
    What content do you post: Mostly gaming videos but also some unboxings, and lists, etc.
    2 sample Videos:

  2. SuperSaiyanRose

    SuperSaiyanRose Noob TGS Newbie

    Very nice channel!
  3. Negativity

    Negativity Noob New Member

    Your mic/audio should have a louder volume other than that. Nice recordings!
  4. PCG-Play

    PCG-Play TGS Fan TGS Newbie

    i accept !
  5. Scarface_Jase

    Scarface_Jase Noob TGS Newbie

    Good stuff

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