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Friendly Greeting!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Jardi, May 22, 2018.

  1. Jardi

    Jardi Noob New Member

    Henlo there friends! It's a pleasure to be in this Forum.

    Quite a few people that I've happened to meet over the years had tended to call me Jardi since it was a nickname I was given a while back, so I've decided to just roll with that nickname as my Online name, but my actual name is Jordan :^)

    I've been playing the video games for as long as I could remember, originally played the N64 as my first console and moved on to the Playstation. Even till this day the Playstation is still my main Console but I also prefer to play on PC now.

    I kind of have social anxiety so If I seem off putting that's probably the reason why, but I'm a chill and nice person either way. Been doing the YouTubes for a while, made my first account in like 2006-ish but I didn't really use it til recently. I go to school Full Time for Film Production so I'm always on and off when it comes down to making Videos.

    But that's my long and drawn out Introduction! I hope to meet some interesting people while I'm here :^)

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