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Glad to become apart of The Gamer Square

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Vice Versas, May 15, 2017.

  1. Vice Versas

    Vice Versas Noob New Member

    Hi guys, I’m one half of Vice Versas, a brand new YouTube gaming channel based in London. We like to play couch co-op & versus games with some funny and unique forfeits thrown into the mix ;)

    We started the channel because we love video games and want to share the games we love with the world. We also want to be a platform to showcase indie titles as well as playing more well known games.

    Anyway, enough about the channel, we joined The Gamer Square because we want to get to know some likeminded people (that’s you guys) and become a part of the great community you have here. We want to grow and hopefully make loads of friends on the way!
  2. Lewis

    Lewis The Sexy One TGS Member

    Welcome to the square @Vice Versas enjoy your time here!:):):)
    Edit: Have just watched your Street Fighter video, and I am legit in love with the concept of the channel and also the editing its sweet!
  3. Maxxamillion

    Maxxamillion TGS CEO & Founder Staff Member Admin

    Welcome to the square. Not played street fighter in years, use to play it on floppy disc way back when haha. Enjoy your time here
  4. Vice Versas

    Vice Versas Noob New Member

    Hey glad you enjoyed it. We want to bring back couch gaming, all of the games we play are local multiplayer or versus games and we'll be updating weekly. Leave us a comment on the video, we'd love it if you subscribed too.
  5. MSgtPorkins

    MSgtPorkins TGS Stalker TGS Casual

    I watched your video, enjoyed what I saw, left a like and commented on the video about how to get this good content seen. I also subbed because I feel like you guys have a good chemistry and a great concept going on.
  6. Vice Versas

    Vice Versas Noob New Member

    @MSgtPorkins, really appreciate the feedback and thanks for watching. Glad you subbed because there's more to come!
  7. Syff

    Syff TGS Stalker TGS Member

    Welcome aboard!
  8. ONI Gaming

    ONI Gaming TGS Fan TGS Newbie


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