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How do i start!

Discussion in 'YouTube Discussion' started by Whiskey01, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. Whiskey01

    Whiskey01 Noob TGS Newbie

    Hi guys Whiskey here,

    ive recently wanted to start a new YouTube channel after a long 1 year break of whatever you want to call it. And i used to be okay at it my channel was growing and i kinda gave it up. Now i want to start over and i just dont know how to start, i have a good PC a bunch of games(check out my steam to see what games i have), but im just really unsure of what to post and how to gain my first few subscribers to really motivate me. Im also a little scared that if i upload something people wont like it and that i have to start all over with subscribers that dont enjoy my videos.

    Anyone got any advice on what to make my first video on and how i can lure people into my channel, and to make my videos enjoyable?

    thanks for any tip or help
  2. pottymouth

    pottymouth TGS Stalker TGS Member

    just do what you want to and have fun while doing it
  3. PhayilGaming

    PhayilGaming Noob New Member

    Yeah, do what you enjoy. If you are enjoying yourself playing the games, that is what should motivate you to make videos.

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