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New to youtube...could use some help

Discussion in 'Tips, Tutorials & Guides' started by jaygala223, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. jaygala223

    jaygala223 Noob New Member

    Hey there, I just started out on YouTube and I am not quite getting the response that I hoped for. What should I do?
  2. Banjo

    Banjo Down Since '86 TGS Member

    Just keep trying, it takes awhile before people notice you especially these days with everyone attempting to be the next big hit. What I see work for people is:

    1. Try to come up with something original or at least put your own touch on an existing genre (don't blatantly copy what other people are doing)
    2. Produce good content every day that is well put together
    3. If possible, livestream to draw in viewers.
    4. Upload/stream content during peak hours (8am-9pm EDT)
    5. Do streams during off-peak hours every so often to catch the eye of people that wouldn't otherwise see it
    6. Realize that even if you gain a large following it won't last forever.
    If your goal is to make an income there are several other things you should be aware of. Don't use copyrighted material whenever possible or in a way that doesn't fall under fair use. Make sure you stay in good standing with your ad network (whoever that is), read those TOSs and make sure you understand them. Set-up ways for people to donate directly to you but don't go overboard demanding they pay you. Don't expect to make a lot of money doing this and realize you'll be working almost full time if you plan on making $1,000+ a month. Don't forget to pay your taxes and keep everything legal.

    It's work despite what it appears. The days of shitting out basic content and seeing a large pay day are over. You have to draw interest to yourself somehow and often times the things that draw in viewers will get you banned from youtube. For now just focus on learning how to edit videos well, learning what draws in an audience, and getting into a schedule where you can make quality content every day without burning yourself out.

    Be prepared to hate whatever activity it is you're uploading videos of. I know of several people that got into youtube early, make decent money at it now, and hate everything about their lives. They feel trapped because playing video games is all they've really done and it's impossible for them to find work doing anything else. It's depressing to see that. They don't even enjoy gaming anymore because they've been doing it every day of the year for going on a decade now.

    BTW when I say good money I'm only talking about $40,000 or so a year which isn't a lot compared to what you can pull down working 40 hour weeks in most entry level occupations. Do not expect to get rich doing this, don't even expect to make 40-60k even that pay out from producing youtube videos is very rare.

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