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Tips on if I am heading in the right direction

Discussion in 'Tips, Tutorials & Guides' started by Killam90, May 14, 2018 at 12:47 AM.

  1. Killam90

    Killam90 Noob New Member

    I want your tips and advise on my channel.

    Here is a link to my channel: Killam90

    I started my YouTube back in Nov. 2017. I have since then posted games I enjoy playing.

    Recently I just bought a new gaming computer, keyboard and mouse, Blue Yeti Mic & 2 monitors. Just liked at the video cam I am going to buy this week. Also going to order a new gaming chair.

    Here are the pictures of my new system.

    Please any advise you can give. That would be wonderful. And if this is the wrong place to post I am sorry.

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