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What's Coming Out This Month: May

Another month brings another round of distractions. Take a look at the list of what is coming out in May, and decide what are you spending your...
By Aidan O'Sullivan, May 1, 2017 | |
  1. Aidan O'Sullivan

    Aidan O'Sullivan Journalist Journalist

    Aidan O'Sullivan published a new article:

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  2. Syff

    Syff TGS Stalker TGS Member

    Waaaaait... Endless Space 2?!
    I didn't know this was coming out so soon, cheers for letting me know!
  3. themadsalvi

    themadsalvi TGS Stalker TGS Casual

    There are so many games coming out in may, and later months that I want to play. I will have to budget a bit better if I want to get more than one of them. decisions, decisions......
  4. TheMercenaree

    TheMercenaree TGS Friendly TGS Member

    Can't believe Minecraft is now on the Nintendo Switch. They'll put Minecraft on anything.
  5. MSgtPorkins

    MSgtPorkins TGS Stalker TGS Casual

    Oooooooo....Friday the 13th comes out this month. I thought it was going to be later so I need to pre-order my copy on Steam.
  6. pottymouth

    pottymouth TGS Stalker TGS Member

    Rime for me I think
  7. Feohlor

    Feohlor TGS Stalker TGS Casual

    I really want to play Friday the 13th game with friends. Maybe we can create a TGS video where a bunch of us hook up our equipment and give it a whirl together!
  8. pottymouth

    pottymouth TGS Stalker TGS Member

    that's a cool idea but ill be getting it on xbox if I do get it, so I assume that the player base will be smaller
  9. Feohlor

    Feohlor TGS Stalker TGS Casual

    Xbox One guy here! GAME ON!
  10. pottymouth

    pottymouth TGS Stalker TGS Member

    I'll probably be waiting for it to go to sale. Don't know if I can justify paying £50 for a game with as far as I'm aware no single player. Plus are we sure this is the right date, I can't find it on Xbox store, Game or Amazon
  11. DefinitelyRussian

    DefinitelyRussian TGS Forum Favorite TGS Gamer

    You should include more PC games, there are lots of adventure games (indie or not), and lots of interesting titles
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