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Xbox One X - The Worlds Most Powerful Console

Microsoft revealed Project Scorpio as the new XboxOne X. The announcement was made in Los Angeles only two days before the expo masterclass E3 begins.
By Aidan O'Sullivan, Jun 12, 2017 | |
  1. Aidan O'Sullivan

    Aidan O'Sullivan Journalist Journalist

    Aidan O'Sullivan published a new article:

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  2. FuryBlade

    FuryBlade Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I was actually incredibly surprised by the price! If it will be true 4k 60fps on every single game then that's great value.

    But coming from a pc perspective I have a feel some trickery is going to be present to make it render to 4k not natively I mean it's a powerful console but no where near powerful enough to render at 4k nativity

    So I am sceptical about It but looking forward to it at the same time
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  3. Syff

    Syff TGS Stalker TGS Member

    I agree with Fury.
    Overall I am satisfied with the Microsoft press conference! A shame though that they barely showed anything from Crackdown 3 (multilayer, destruction and features)
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  4. Aidan O'Sullivan

    Aidan O'Sullivan Journalist Journalist

    I know that if the players TV isn't 4K it will auto-res to a lower setting but it will still perform better than most consoles despite this
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  5. FuryBlade

    FuryBlade Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Yes i know that but I have s 4k tv but I doubt the Xbox one x will be native 4k without any checkerboard rendering IE 2k upscaled to 4k

    But I guess we will wait and see how it dose when it's released I know Forza 7 is going to be native 4k 60fps but I don't think all the third party gsmes will reach native 4k 60fps without either a graphical downgrade in favour of resolution or less anti aliasing in favour for the resolution.

    I believe there will be have to be cut backs to make every game the native 4k 60fps
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  6. Aidan O'Sullivan

    Aidan O'Sullivan Journalist Journalist

    Ah I see what you mean now. Aye all we can do is wait and see. I don't care so much about Xbox consoles, I just would like to see them increase their exclusives to give them a fighting chance in the long-term market.
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  7. FuryBlade

    FuryBlade Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I have windows 10 so every Xbox exclusives is on Windows 10 so it's really disappointing in that regard

    But then again I wouldn't buy a Xbox one anyway so they are still getting my money i guess with the windows 10 games from Xbox one
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    Crack Down 3 is already 30fps on the xbox one x
    Crackdown 3 Will Run In 'True 4K' With 30 FPS On Xbox One X
  8. Lewis

    Lewis The Sexy One TGS Member

    And this is specifically why I sold my Xbox One. I bought my Xbox One to play the forza series and now I just buy them via the windows store on my PC
  9. Aidan O'Sullivan

    Aidan O'Sullivan Journalist Journalist

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  10. Yoshi_World

    Yoshi_World Noob New Member

    What happen with the naming? One, S, and now X. I hope they are not making the same mistake like Nintendo did with WII and WII U. People would get confused between of them.
  11. Creaky

    Creaky TGS Fan TGS Newbie

    The console looks like it's really good, need to upgrade my TV first though.

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