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      Sony and PlayStation confuse themselves this month by giving the players one of gaming's most cute and cuddly heroes, along side 'Not A Hero' on PS Plus' free games line up for the month of February.


      The much beloved Sackboy joins the long list of free games in Little Big Planet 3, the last big console instalment of the family friendly series. Explore all your brain has to offer in this unbelievably creative game, where after a series of challenging platforming adventures, the player can go on to create their own worlds and wonders.


      Then, in quite a change of theme, blast the criminal underworld to hell in Not A Hero. The player takes control as Steve, a professional assassin turned amateur campaign manager as he cleans for his boss, BunnyLord. In what appears a more plot-structured Bro-Force, run, jump, shoot, and blast your way through this action packed campaign.

      The games become available on the 7th of February, so players have time to download last month's games while they're still free. The full line up is as follows:


      • LittleBigPlanet 3
      • Not a Hero

      • Starwhal (cross buy with PS4)
      • Anna — Extended Edition

      PS Vita

      • Ninja Senki DX (cross buy with PS4)
      • TorqueL (cross buy with PS4)
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