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      In the run up to e3, Sony slap two big time games on its PS Plus free games list. For the month of June players are able to download Killing Floor 2 and the complete Life is Strange adventure. This month has both the fast and furious gamers as well as the more meditative players well looked after.


      In Killing Floor 2 assume control of a diverse range of over the top weaponry to fight off a horde of zombies and some robotic-thing monstrosities. Killing Floor 2 is a FPS set in a zombie infested Europe where players work together to survive through increasingly difficult and fast paced horde action.


      Then on the other end of the spectrum, Life is Strange takes a slow and intense approach. It this episodic story-driven game live life in Max’s shoes as she discovers she has the power to rewind time, and use them to uncover extraordinary events transpiring around her.

      As always, the two PS4 titles are accompanied by four further titles for both PS3 and PS Vita consoles.

      The full line-up is as follows;

      • Killing Floor 2.​
      • Life is Strange.​

      • Abyss Odyssey.​
      • WRC 5: World Rally Championship.​

      • Neon Chrome (cross-buy with PS4).​
      • Spy Chameleon.​
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