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      As i am sure you are all aware, Pysonix confirmed back at E3 that the hugely popular Rocket League would be making it's debut on the Nintendo Switch this holiday season. in the last few days Phyonix have given us an idea of what plans they have for the release of Rocket League on the Switch and, of course, they come in the form of exclusive battle cars.

      It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realise what angle Psyonix are going to take with these special battle cars though. There will of course be a Mario and Luigi themed battle car that will be available from launch, but what is looking like the coolest battle car i have ever seen in Rocket League across all platforms is their Samus inspired gunship.


      The Mario and Luigi battle car is technically only one car, so depending on whether you are on the orange or blue team you will be driving the Mario or Luigi car respectively. Both the Mario/Luigi and Samus inspired cars will have their own exclusive rocket trails and most importantly will be free to play with upon release of the Switch version of the game, although it does seem like players will have to unlock them through gameplay.

      These two particular battle cars make sense for Nintendo to make available, especially with the upcoming release of Mario Odyssey and with new metroid games on the horizon. Don't be surprised if we see more of this in the future, with Nintendo using other games on their consoles to promote upcoming releases through exclusive content.

      Check out the trailer below and hit up the comment section, tell us what Nintendo inspired battle cars you want to see in the future and what you think of the astoundingly cool Samus gunship battle car.
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